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​Charter Options:

At Stanley Sportfishing we have the advantage of a trailered boat. This allows us to travel to where ever the best fishing is with ease. The cost of your charter will also fluctuate depending on where we fish, what we fish for, how we fish for that species and what time of the year it is. Please call or email to discuss trip options and prices.

We offer half day (4hr) and full day (8hr) charters. 

Striped Bass are our primary inshore target, but we can also chase Bluefish, Black Sea Bass, Bonito, Fluke, Flounder or any other species that swims in our local waters.

Bluefin tuna are some of the most exciting fish in the world to catch, and we have a tremendous fishery off cape cod for these behemoths. These "giants" can grow in excess of 1,000lbs. While most offshore trips will be targeting Bluefin, we can also target sharks and groundfish. Our Haddock fishery is an excellent way to fill your freezer as well.