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 Fishing from a trailered boat allows us to travel wherever the best fishing is. It also means we can fish an area that is easier for you. Water will be provided on all trips, but you should bring your own food and beverage. Beer is allowed, hard alcohol is not. Proper clothing should be worn on each trip. The captain will advise you prior to the trip on how the conditions have been so you can dress accordingly. And always plan for a good time!​ Generally 4 people would be the maximum number of guests, although exceptions can be made under certain circumstances. Absolute maximum of 6 guests.


Come fishing on this 4.5hr trip on the beautiful waters of Duxbury Bay and its surrounding areas. Striped Bass and Bluefish are the primary targets, although Fluke, Flounder, Black Sea Bass and Tautog can also be targeted. A normal day consists of catching bait at the start of the trip, and then live lining that bait to Striped Bass in the surrounding waters.


If you want to find the biggest fish in the entire state of Massachusetts, and don't mind a bit of travel time to get there, book this trip. Often times this means fishing Provincetown in the Spring, and elsewhere around Cape Cod in Summer. Maximum 4 guests.


We will target Sharks and/or Tuna. Trips can be arranged to fish for Tuna in the morning and then head inshore and fish for Striped Bass in the afternoon. Fishing heats up in June, and only gets better as the season goes on. September and October are the best months to target Bluefin Tuna.